June 15, 2012
Although only a few companies have confirmed participation in National Tree Day on Sept. 26, the enthusiasm by organizers is high.

Spearheaded by Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA), this is the second year for the event. It became a reality when parliament passed a private member’s bill introduced by MP Royal Gallipeau.

Following the federal government’s proclamation of National Tree Day, Landscape Ontario and CNLA began work to help members celebrate the day on Sept. 21, last year. Members were encouraged to plant trees at their local schools; about 160 trees were planted across Canada.

This year CNLA has a partnership with Tree Canada to co-promote events. Joe Salemi, CNLA member services manager, who is coordinating the national program, says, “I believe last year’s 160 trees could be ten-fold this year, because we are ready to get the information out to the schools and members across the country before the end of the school year. It will all hinge on member participation. Last year saw a tight deadline after schools were closed for the summer, hindering promotion within the school systems.

Tree Canada is promoting the initiative to its network of 8,000 teachers across the country. “This is a tremendous offer,” says Salemi. “This will create a strong demand from the schools to have members donate trees and have planting demonstrations.”

CNLA will match members with participating schools through an application. Members or schools may contact CNLA National Tree Day at www.cnla-acpp.ca/nationaltreeday.