April 1, 2020

Property manager endorses Smart about Salt certification

BGIS, a global real estate management services company, has announces a coast-to-coast partnership with the unique not-for-profit Smart About Salt Council (SASC), that will strive for improved winter maintenance services grounded in best management practices.

SASC offers solutions to the challenges surrounding winter maintenance, that will ensure effective facility management while benefiting the environment. In an industry-first initiative, BGIS will work with SASC to ensure that all facilities supported by BGIS apply leading-practices in winter maintenance by influencing contractors to actively participate in SASC’s award-winning training and certification programs. Its programs have demonstrated their ability to promote safety and address a growing environmental concern surrounding the over-application of salt as a result of poor winter maintenance practices. BGIS will encourage all service partners in new tendering engagements for winter management services in 2020 to be SASC-certified through their proposal evaluation criteria.

“We help facility owners and operators to work with their contractors and others so that facilities and the public are protected. It’s about collaboration and awareness so that everyone benefits – including our water resources,” said Eric Hodgins, volunteer President of Smart About Salt Council.