June 15, 2017
Real-life recycling at LO home office
Material from the old bridge is crushed for use on the LO property.
Landscape Ontario recently received 1,500 tons of free crushed concrete, thanks to the proactive vision of past president and current property manager Dave Turnbull. Reconstruction of Hwy. 401 bridges is currently underway nearby, and Turnbull asked contractor Bridgebusters about plans for the rubble. In a mutually-beneficial arrangement, Bridgebusters crushed the waste concrete, removed steel components for recycling and spread the crushed rock at LO’s home office. Turnbull says LO easily received $10,000 worth of material and machine operation. This represents stage one of a three-stage bridge demolition, and LO is set to receive two more free batches of material that will also be used to grade the property.