July 10, 2023
Regulatory changes aimed at improving hygiene on construction projects
Ontario's Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development is reminding those in the construction industry of regulatory changes that came into force July 1, 2023.

Recent changes to the Construction Projects Regulation effective July 1 are aimed at improving hygiene requirements by:
  • Requiring toilets to be adequately illuminated.
  • Requiring single toilets to be completely enclosed.
  • Ensuring female workers have access to at least one women’s-only toilet facility on construction sites that must have a minimum of five or more toilets.
  • Extending the requirement for good repair to urinal and clean-up facilities.
  • Standardizing the ratio of clean-up facilities to toilets.
  • Requiring hand sanitizer in addition to a product to clean hands where it is not reasonably possible to provide running water.
  • Reducing the horizontal distance workers need to travel to get to toilet facilities, where reasonably possible.

The changes also explicitly require that personal protective equipment and clothing be properly fitted, including for women and a diversity of body types and sizes.