May 12, 2024
Report looks at urban greenness

Report looks at urban greenness

Statistics Canada has released a new report, delving into how “green” Canadian cities are.

"Urban greenness,” as defined by StatsCan, is a measure that assesses the condition and health of an urban landscape.

This is being measured because vegetation contributes to more livable, beautiful communities by helping to clean the air, moderate the local climate, control water flow and provide habitats for wildlife, including mammals, insects and birds.

In summer 2023, just under three-quarters (74.1 per cent) of the land area of 1,016 population centres across Canada was classed as green, up slightly from 72.1 per cent in summer 2022.

Nationally in 2023, Atlantic Canada had the greenest cities and towns, while the Prairies had the least green cities and towns, reflecting geographical climate patterns and their effects on natural vegetation and tree cover.

Canadian cities and towns were a little greener in summer 2023 compared with one year earlier, mostly due to more rainfall in Ontario.

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