July 15, 2009
Rules concerning the wearing of safety vests, as legislated through the provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), are as follows:

A worker who may be endangered by vehicular traffic shall wear a garment that covers at least his or her upper body and has the following features:
  1. The garment shall be fluorescent blaze or international orange in colour.
  2. On the front and the back, there shall be two yellow stripes that are five centimetres wide. The yellow area shall total at least 500 square centimetres on the front and at least 570 square centimetres on the back.
  3. On the front, the stripes shall be arranged vertically and centred and shall be approximately 225 millimetres apart, measured from the centre of each stripe. On the back, they shall be arranged in a diagonal “X” pattern.
  4. The stripes shall be retro-reflective and fluorescent. If the garment is a vest, it shall have adjustable fit. Nylon vests to which this section applies shall also have a side and front tear-away feature. In addition, a worker who may be endangered by vehicular traffic during night-time hours shall wear retro-reflective silver stripes encircling each arm and leg, or equivalent side visibility-enhancing stripes with a minimum area of 50 square centimetres per side.