August 1, 2020
Joe Salemi
Joe Salemi

Salemi joins Landscape Ontario

Joe Salemi has taken a newly created position at Landscape Ontario, Deputy Executive Director. He is already well known among landscape professionals, having served for 10 years with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, and eight years in a leadership role with Dynascape Software. He completed a communications and business degree at Brock University and earned a post graduate diploma in Human Resources Management at Mohawk College. Salemi and his wife Dawn are the parents of four-year-old Matthew.

Executive Director Tony DiGiovanni said, “I love how Joe interacts with customers. His integrity, trustworthiness and values are right for LO.”

Salemi says, “Small business is the cornerstone of our economy. Whenever we focus on business development, it has to be small business; I love helping businesses work toward success.”