June 15, 2020
Joe Salemi
Joe Salemi
“I have always called my clients my community, and I call my team my family,” said Joe Salemi, LO’s new Deputy Executive Director. He is already well known among landscape professionals, having served for 10 years with the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, and eight years in a leadership role with Dynascape Software. He completed a communications and business degree at Brock University and earned a post graduate diploma in Human Resources Management at Mohawk College. Salemi and his wife Dawn are the parents of three-year-old Matthew.

Executive Director Tony DiGiovanni said, “I love how Joe interacts with customers. His integrity, trustworthiness and values are right for LO.”

Salemi joined LO during the coronavirus crisis, and firmly believes LO members’ willingness to help others at a moment’s notice is what sets them apart. Salemi’s career includes experience working with many other associations across North America, and he says he did not see that volunteer spirit as strong in most other groups. “Other associations could not mobilize to be relevant as quickly as LO did,” he said. He goes on to credit LO’s financial stability as a success factor, as he watched other associations worried about having to close.

“Small business is the cornerstone of our economy. Whenever we focus on business development, it has to be small business; I love helping businesses work toward success. I worked with hundreds of small businesses at Dynascape, and that is where I found my passion. Small business is ultimately important,” he adds.

On following Tony DiGiovanni’s leadership, Salemi said, “Nobody on the planet can walk in Tony’s shoes. I have my own style and have to follow my own path. Tony has built a legacy; he set LO up for success. Now it’s our responsibility to continue.”

Salemi is eager to connect with LO members, noting that Ontario Premier, Doug Ford put his cell number on Twitter, indicating willingness to talk to anybody, any time.

“I respected that. Dynascape is known for accessibility, and I want to carry that on at LO.” Salemi invites members to email him any time at jsalemi@landscapeontario.com, or call his cell at 905-220-4106.