September 15, 2018
Hi Myscha,

Myscha what an excellent article (Landscape Ontario magazine, July-Aug. 2018, page 27 “The self-inflicted labour shortage”). It’s about time this is written from this point of view. It sure is a self-inflicted labour shortage. Let the truth be told! You are brave and I admire you for writing this article. Please don’t give up coming at it from this angle. You are making us stop and think! We have to be proud of our industry! And through this, we will attract staff. The minute you think of staff as a liability on your balance sheet, you have an issue. I always say they are on the asset side of my balance sheet. The industry must stop this negative talking, ie: your reference to the “100 days of hell” each spring.
Have a great day and always, a pleasure to see your smile when I walk by.

Hank Gelderman
Honorary Life Member