April 15, 2010
The Smart about Salt Council announced its official formation in mid-March, with the intention to spearhead efficient use of winter salt on private roads, parking lots and sidewalks.

“Excessive salt use has been shown to be a threat to the environment and well-being of people, vegetation, fish and wildlife habitats near lakes and aquifers,” read a press release from the council.

The Smart about Salt program was originally founded by the Region of Waterloo in response to concerns over rising levels of sodium and chlorides in the municipal drinking water supply. In September 2009, the regional council approved a recommendation to create the not-for-profit organization to expand the reach of the program.

The Smart about Salt program is aimed at teaching contractors and property managers the best practices of salt management, while still ensuring that public safety is not compromised.

“The Region of Waterloo has taken a leadership role in promoting responsible use of salt in the winter,” said Regional Chair Ken Seiling. “In working with our partners in the Smart about Salt Council, the Region can more effectively promote proper training and salt application to a wider area to protect our drinking water.”

The Smart about Salt Council is supported by its partners, the Region of Waterloo, Landscape Ontario and Building Owners and Managers Association of Ottawa. Building owners, snow removal contractors and the general public all have an important stake in working to protect the environment through winter salt best management practices.

The Council will be hosting information and training sessions across Ontario. To learn more, go to www.smartaboutsalt.com.