August 15, 2011
By Helen Hassard
Membership and Chapter Coordinator

Helen HassardRecently I reconnected with an old friend. We had been great friends for a while, but eventually the relationship had gone completely web-based with just a few Facebook messages and emails.

While chatting with him, I found that this had been the case with many of our ‘close friends.’ I know that happens naturally over time, but it seems extremely common with my generation (Gen Y). So, how come in a time when we have cell phones, social media, email, snail mail and are basically connected 24-7, are we losing touch with each other?

Well perhaps the problem is that social media has become more than it was ever intended. It was originally designed as another tool for connecting like-minded individuals and sharing information. Instead it has become the crutch that makes connecting with others simple but shallow. We use it because it’s an easy way to communicate. But since it’s so easy, many of us have forgone other communication tools and in doing so, lost the ability to build truly meaningful relationships.

I don’t mean to paint everyone with the same brush, as some people are able to maintain online relationships in a meaningful way. Social media certainly has its place among our other communication tools. All I’m saying is maybe we need to step back for a minute and think about if you are getting what you need from social media.

I realize that this column is meant to inform the members, both regarding their benefits and new initiatives/opportunities coming up, so I will cut to the chase. LO wants to communicate with you. We want to hear your ideas and share our information with you. To do this, we have leveraged multiple communication tools (yes social media is one of them, and yes, if you’re reading this magazine then you’re on the right track), but let’s not forget the face-to-face communication taking place regularly at chapter meetings, seminars, trade shows and special events. The relationships you build at these events are priceless, and after all, who wants to go have a beer with their laptop?

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