July 2, 2013
Sophisticated Landscapes
Six leading edge components that define a modern landscape project

Gone are the days of simply planting a few evergreens under the front window, only to be tortured to death with bad pruning techniques. Today's modern landscapes are sophisticated outdoor living spaces that include the latest materials, technology and trends while maintaining a strong environmental awareness.

This year brings us more choices than ever to enhance our outdoor living spaces. Sophisticated landscapes are now being created by talented, certified professionals who realize their clients landscape is not only a reflection of their own personal lifestyle, but also a true investment in their property value.

Here is a six-pack of leading edge components that together define a modern landscape project:

  1. Ground breaking techniques. Innovative, high tech machinery allows modern landscape companies to access small spaces, manoeuvre large garden features and efficiently install irrigation and garden lighting.

  2. It's a material world. Today we have moved beyond the boring 2 x 2 grey concrete paving slab. Modern products with intricate patterns and a rainbow of colours can transform any area in to a functional living space, whilst the charm of natural stone, skillfully installed by craftspeople, can add a touch of European romance or a sense of formality.

  3. Hot topic. Cleverly designed pools and hot tubs are one thing. Cleverly designed approaches to local by-laws are another. The best companies not only possess the technical skills to design and build, but also the ability to work on permit issues — so clients can stay out of hot water and projects can get be completed on time and on budget.

  4. Plant-aholics. We're seeing a new generation of plant junkies, eager to source out and plant the latest trends in colour, texture and unique shapes. In response, the nursery industry has been busy seeding, hybridizing and nurturing hundreds of new varieties. Never before has there been such a wide variety of choices to satisfy this insatiable appetite.

  5. Urban farmers. Savvy designers and contractors also know their clients are expecting to include vegetable gardens with pots of herbs, espaliered fruit trees woven into their living quilts. A design challenge to say the least, hence the creativity of green roofs and walls, once reserved for commercial or municipal projects are now finding their way into private condominium courtyards.

  6. Respecting our planet. Conserving and recycling water, creating sustainable landscapes, and being environmentally aware when designing, building and maintaining these beautiful outdoor living spaces is at an all-time high when creating a modern landscape project. Responsible designers, contractors and clients today are mindful of their actions and follow a mission statement with the planet in mind.
So the next time you get the urge to plant those evergreens under the front window, stop, close your eyes and imagine your own sophisticated landscape. Then find an expert, skilled professional at www.landscapeontario.com to help you turn that dream into reality.