June 15, 2009
As of Jan. 1, 2009, most large trucks driven in Ontario are required to use electronic speed limiters that cap speed at 105 kilometres per hour.

Trucks that fall under the law include commercial trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 11,794 kg (26,000 lbs.) and more.

The provincial government claims that the benefits include environmental improvement, safety and cost savings.

A speed limiter is a built-in microchip that enables a truck engine’s top speed to be preset. All trucks built in the last decade come equipped with the technology. Ontario Trucking Association president, David Bradley is quoted as saying, “This is a great step forward for highway safety and for the environment.”

Police and MTO enforcement officers will use both existing traffic control techniques and portable electronic testing units to verify the activation of a vehicle speed limiter at 105 km/h maximum. The use of portable electronic testing units will provide access to the vehicle engine data and confirm if the limiter has been activated at a speed of 105 km/h or less. It will be necessary for officers to plug into a data port located within the cab of the truck.

An educational enforcement period of six months after the Jan. 1 start time allowed carriers to have the vehicle speed limiter set during the normal course of maintenance avoiding unnecessary additional costs. MTO officials say that enforcement starts in June.