February 15, 2012
LO continues to receive letters of thanks and congratulations for its members revitalization of St. James Park in Toronto.

From the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), a U.S.-based national association representing lawn care professionals:

“Thank you for your recent participation in revitalizing St. James Park in Toronto. You exhibited grace and compassion with the time and effort that was put into the project. The dedication displayed toward making St. James Park vibrant again, truly reflects PLANET’s goals of portraying our industry as an environmental steward and our members as creating and maintaining the quality of life in communities around the world.

“PLANET is proud to have you as a member, as you use your skills around the world to help others protect and preserve green spaces.”

Another letter came from Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the restoration of St. James Park.

“Our City’s success and vitality is due in large part to special organizations and businesses like yours, who through outstanding commitment and willingness to give back have made a significant difference to the well-being of our community."

“You can be extremely proud of the significant role you played in re-creating the beauty of St. James Park, which can once again be enjoyed by the surrounding neighbourhood and its residents."

“On behalf of Toronto City Council, we extend our deepest appreciation and wish you much success in the future.”