November 15, 2015
I read Tony DiGiovanni’s column on my laptop with pleasure.

Over 26 years you and your associates have brought Landscape Ontario to a very high standard indeed. I enjoy your positive energy and innovative tone, which makes me believe no one sits on their hands in your office.

Despite the adage, “There are no retired farmers, only tired farmers,” I am about to retire and put my fading energies into leaving the fields of Blithe Hill in good heart, and our woodlots healthy and productive. Fortunately my children and grandchildren have their own interest in the farm. I am more than blessed with a small but excellent staff who back up my hope to keep the developers and gravel pits far off the horizon.

All this spells the end to Blithe Hill Nurseries’ membership in Landscape Ontario. I would, however, like to make a donation to the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation, which funds research and scholarships. I will forward the cheque to you by post.

With every best wish for the future,

Jean Watson
Blithe Hill Nurseries