September 15, 2008
They say that showing up is half the battle! I was recently at a two job fairs sponsored by Landscape Ontario, and there were some 40 candidates in attendance looking for work. Unfortunately, half to two-thirds of the employers who had agreed to be there did not show up. I know from speaking to other employers who were there that they were giddy about the talent level they had found to fill positions in their companies.

Rumour has it that it’s hard to find great people to work in our industry. This is especially true in the fall, when the students go back to school. But isn’t it hard to find career-oriented people with an education with unbelievable previous experience and some with unbelievably good attitudes? (That was a rhetorical question!) The answer is yes. And the good news is that these people were at the job fairs. I know — I hired two!

Landscape Ontario is the best organization out there to help make your company better. The list of opportunities is long:
  • Training future talent with all the educational programs it offers.
  • Prosperity Partners program that helps existing businesses find a mentor.
  • Creating networking opportunities for its members so they can get their heads out of the sand.
  • Holding chapter events that discuss business topics, as well as practical industry topics
  • Lobbying government to create a friendly environment for our industry
  • Permitting Canada Blooms to exist so that we can market ourselves to the public
…and the list goes on.

The day will come when employers will be fighting for a chance to get the best talent in the industry. Too bad some of you missed the most recent chance at the recent job fairs. Lucky for me!

George Urvari
Oriole Landscaping, Toronto