July 14, 2023
In its June 2023, News Bulletin, Employment and Social Development Canada included a number of updates in regards to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Employers’ responsibilities toward Temporary Foreign Workers
The communication contains important clarifications on questions from stakeholders about employers’ responsibilities toward temporary foreign workers affected by work stoppage situations, including those caused by labour disputes or unforeseen events (e.g., flooding, forest fires, etc.).

Temporary Foreign Worker Program: Employment agreement
Employment Agreement sample templates for all streams under the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program (including agriculture) are now available online.

Provinces/ territorial median hourly wage update for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
The updated median wages for 2023 that went into effect on May 31, 2023 are now available online.

More details, including the entire News Bulletin and links to the templates mentioned can be found online at gfl.me/hbAX.