January 15, 2008
Do you want to obey the law? Do you want to make some extra money this winter? Do you want to minimize your liability for Bill C-45 (which if found guilty could put you in jail)? And, do you want to increase your firm’s productivity in 2008?  Then read on…

By joining the LO-sponsored WSIB safety programs, you can benefit by answering yes to each of the above four questions. Here are ten reasons why you should say “yes” to the above questions.
  1. The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that it is your management responsibility to have a safety process in your firm.
  2. Because federal Bill C-45 can put you in jail for safety negligence, and there are 200 new Ministry of Labour inspectors to verify this point, you need to minimize this liability by protecting yourself and your firm.
  3. To continue the reduction of industry WSIB premium rates, we need each firm in the industry to have a safety management process and be part of our safety program.
  4. The LO/WSIB safety programs develop processes, train you and promote industry networking for excellence in safety. You cannot achieve this on your own.
  5. You and your employees need to care about the safety of all your workers and understand their liability in this manner. Our programs involve all employees.
  6. Our programs have the potential to make you money: five per cent reduction in premiums are guaranteed in SCIP and $1,000 in Safety Groups.
  7. All policies that you need to have in your safety policy manuals have already been developed professionally with support from WSIB and MOL, and are available for you.
  8. Joining our program may save a life, and/or prevent serious or life-threatening injuries to you or your employees.
  9. The five-step management process that you learn can be applied to other parts of your business. If you purchased this training in the open market, it would cost you $1,500-$2,000. Our SCIP program costs you nothing. It’s free.
  10. Recent WSIB surveys indicate that firms involved in our two programs outperform other industry firms that are not involved in safety management.

These 10 reasons give proof-positive why you should be involved in our Safety Management Training this winter. If you want to be part of this important training process, please contact Terry Murphy at 1-800-265-5656, ext. 317, as soon as possible as space is limited. The programs start after Congress 2008.