June 15, 2008
The Ontario Co-operative Education Association (OCEA) recently presented LO’s Terry Murphy with its Friends of OCEA Award.

This group oversees co-op programs in the high school system. The nomination came from co-op teachers Mary Davis and Pat Evans.

Murphy has been an instrumental force in developing pathways for students in landscaping across Ontario. “His tireless work and enthusiasm provided opportunities for many students to engage and focus their careers in landscaping through co-op programs, OYAP and post secondary programming,” say the teachers.

The educators explained that Murphy consistently showed his dedication to assist teachers in all levels of education, along with sharing his knowledge and support, particularly the attention and interest that he brought to landscaping. “He has been instrumental in developing the Specialist High Skills Major in landscaping,” read the nominating papers.

Murphy has been a role model and mentor for many students who chose an apprenticeship or workplace pathway to landscaping. He consistently offered students a sense of personal pride and desire to dream.

As far as the two co-op educators are concerned, Murphy will always be synonymous with Landscape Ontario.  After Murphy’s retirement, his presence will be sadly missed as will his knowledge, dedication to educating students, and tireless energy to promote landscaping as a career.  

The teachers say, “Thanks, Terry, for being a friend of OCEA!”