November 15, 2009
A total of 81 people took part in the certification test day at LO’s home office on Sept. 24 and 25. At the end of the day, 18 new CHTs and one CIT received their certifications.

The weather was great for both days. “We are very pleased with how the candidates, judges, volunteers and sponsors all came together to make this a very successful event,” said project coordinator Rachel Burt.

Those receiving their CHT certification include: Softscape Installation - Gary Abdee, Dianne Hill and Lucas Michielsen, Hardscape Installation - Simon Barnes, Andrew Donaldson, Darryl Hummel, Mark Hutten, Jim Matthews, Chad Moore and Peter Solti, Ornamental Maintenance - Joseph Brijeski, Laura Karr and Christopher Kern, Turf Maintenance - Jennifer Haldane, Scott McDonald and Jay Robinson, Retail Garden Center - Matthew Dressing, Turf and Ornamental Maintenance - Steve Plummer and Guy Mackie, CIT.

Volunteers helping at the event were Adam Arsenault CHT, Nadia Blackburn, Adam Bonin CHT, John Bos CHT, Stuart Cameron CHT, Glen Cartwright CHT, Brian Cocks CHT, Michelle Cocks CHT, Anthony Delpro CHT, Jeff Eidsness CHT, Pat Elo CHT, Jeff Gilberds CHT, CLP, Pat Hester CHT, Lorraine Ivanhoff, Mario Levesque CHT, Jeff Lowartz CHT, Bob McCannell, Mike McGrath CHT, Kathy McLean, Shane Nesbitt CHT, Derek Neville CHT, Linda Nodello, Vic Palmer CLP, Joe Pfeifer CHT, Jason Pond, Rod Pring CHT, Todd Rainey CHT, Julia Ricotonne, Gary Ross CLD, Frank Selles CHT, Duane Schutten CHT, Stephanie Smith, Steve Snider CHT, Lindsey Wilton CHT, Pete Vanderly, Michael VanDongen, Karen Weyerman CHT and Agnes Zawartha CLP.

Thanks also go to equipment sponsors: Walker Mowers, Halton Turf and Tractor, Battlefield, Neil Boyes, Clarkman Motors, Stihl, Echo and Vanden Bussche.