April 15, 2015

By Myscha Stafford
Membership and Chapter Coordinator

Myscha BurtonThe London Chapter’s meeting on Mar. 10 featured guest speaker Jim Paluch with over 100 in attendance. It was great to see so many members at this event and is a great reminder of the value of attending chapter meetings.

These events not only offer education opportunities, but they are fantastic ways to network with your local industry colleagues, as well as suppliers. During the presentation, Paluch brought up some very valid points about the importance of your company’s team.

One that really stuck with me was “your crew is a direct reflection of your success.”  It was so nice to see not only the company owners at this meeting, but the crews and team members as well. This does not happen very often at Chapter events, but there is a definite value in including your staff. It is true, your team largely contributes to the success of your company.

Signing up your staff for the weekly LO enews will bring them up-to-date on Chapter events such as golf tournaments. It’s a great way to boost the team’s morale, and it also gives your employees a deeper connection to your company. Now that all sounds lovely, but what does that mean for you?

Employees, who are passionate about the company they work for and respect their fellow team members, are not only going to give you their best work and go that extra mile, but they are going to help represent your company to the best of their ability. That can mean proudly displaying your company’s logo, maintaining professionalism on and off the job site, even good driving while in a company vehicle, and of course perform quality work.

I heard a story from one of our members who came across a crew from another company. These team members were smoking in a company vehicle (a big no-no), which had logos emblazoned all over it. When this person asked them about it, the response was the farthest thing from professional. It just so happens that the member who approached them also knew their boss…oops.

Another oops came from someone who was driving a company vehicle and treated a red light like a stop sign and drove right through the intersection. Not only is this incredibly dangerous and against the law, but that was a company truck that got caught on the red-light camera. That could be your company that is being represented by individuals who do not feel accountable for their actions, or engaged with the company. They have not embraced the team aspect of their work environment and are poorly representing you.  

Your staff contribute to the reputation your company has that your clients and industry colleagues will notice. It goes beyond just hiring the most qualified people for the job. You can help to create an environment where your staff are actively engaged in the company they work for; beyond their pay cheque.

Yes, you may have to invest in your staff to achieve this, but there is certainly mutual benefit in this investment for you and your staff. Signing your staff up for some of LO’s seminars, or bringing your staff to a chapter event to hear a guest speaker can help develop the skills of your crew, provide them with necessary safety training, and also foster the team environment.  How about an extra thank-you to your staff members for all of their hard work and dedication by planning a day at a golf tournament, or simply keeping them connected to an association by signing them up for the enews.

The team that forms your company largely determines the success of your company, and thus your success. Fostering a positive team environment and utilizing the resources available to you is a win-win-win for you, your staff and your business.

If you’re looking for some summer fun activities for you and your staff, why not come out to a golf or baseball tournament. Some events already have dates for you to mark in your calendars. Toronto Chapter’s golf tournament will be held on July 23 at Nobleton Lakes Golf Course, and the Toronto Chapter’s Baseball Tournament will be held on Aug. 16 at Richmond Green. Save the date of Aug. 14 for the Golden Horseshoe Chapter’s golf tournament at Willow Valley Golf Club.

Contact Myscha Stafford with your questions about LO member benefits.