February 15, 2011
Patients at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, who are confined for long periods of time, will have the opportunity to experience the joy of being in a garden, thanks to the efforts of the Toronto Chapter.

LO’s Toronto Chapter has taken on the exciting project to create a rooftop garden at the famous hospital. The project is an initiative of the Starlight Foundation, and is intended for children who are being treated for cancer, requiring extended stays at the hospital.

Patients and their families are anxiously anticipating access to the outdoor area, just beyond the Starlight Room on the ninth floor. The garden has been designed as an extension of the many activities already offered inside. There will be lounge areas for families, rubber floors, animal topiaries, egg rocks (donated by Beaver Valley Stone) to paint, beautifully made patios with stone provided by Permacon, colourful sails to provide shade and some much-needed plant life supported by the Waterboys Irrigation Company and Nature Mix Soils.

Planning has been in the works since last June. The space has been designed by Beth Edney CLD of Designs By The Yard, and complemented with the work of the project management team of Arvils Lukss of Landscapes by Lucin and Allan Kling CLP of Urban Garden.

The build dates are Mar. 25, 26 and 27. Many landscape companies and volunteers will lend a hand to help the project become reality. Anyone interested in becoming involved, please contact Helen Hassard at 905-875-1805, ext. 354, or helen@landscapeontario.com.  

“This exciting addition of the Starlight Rooftop Patio, achieved with the generous commitment of Landscape Ontario, will add immeasurably to the pleasure of patients and parents as they take a little time out from the enormous challenges they face,” say officials from the Sick Kids Foundation.   

To find out more information about the Starlight Foundation or to make a contribution visit: www.starlightcanada.org.