September 27, 2022
Toronto Chapter Soil Restoration and Sustainability Meeting
Landscape Ontario's Toronto Chapter is hosting a virtual meeting on October 12, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. Join fellow chapter members to learn more about soil restoration and sustainability.

Soil management is an integral part of every aspect of landscaping. Healthy soils are essential for healthy plant growth and water filtration. It helps to support a landscape that is more resilient to the impacts of drought and flood. Soils help to regulate the Earth’s climate and stores more carbon than all of the world’s forests combined.

Having a defined soil management strategy in place not only benefits the environment we live and work within, but will help reduce our carbon footprint and overall project costs.

Join us as we discuss the benefits of In-Place Soil Restoration and Low Impact Development. Our presenting experts will share their knowledge and relevant research, as well as answer your questions related to this vital topic.


charlene williamsCharlene Williams, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
nicole northNicole North, Walker Environmental
Mike Barbetta, Area Forester, Environmental Promotion and Protection for York Region