January 30, 2023
Toronto Chapter Water Conservation and Efficiency in Landscaping 2023
Are you interested in irrigation and water conservation? Join us Friday, Feb. 17 and learn how you play a role in water conservation. Lunch is included.

This meeting will cover a range of topics (means, methods, practices and products) on how we can and should conserve water in our landscapes, from plant selection to irrigation systems and beyond.

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sean jamesSpeaker: Sean James

Sean James has been gardening professionally since age sixteen. He is a graduate of the prestigious Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, a Master Gardener and was named one of “20 Canadians Making a Difference” in the Canada-wide magazine GardenMaking.

Sean runs an environmentally-friendly company, using eco-friendly materials, recycling, composting and promoting responsible use of biological controls. The office is even powered by Bullfrog Power, using 100 per cent green hydro and natural gas which is harvested from methane from landfills, giving it a zero-carbon footprint.


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