August 15, 2013
The Upper Canada Chapter of Landscape Ontario is working with CAA and Ontario Tire Stewardship to green a schoolyard in Kingston.

The project began through a contest initiated by CAA to see which company could recycle the most tires; the winning company then was allowed to select a local school to receive a school yard greening. The challenge was won by Car Medics which then got in touch with past president and provincial board rep of the Upper Canada Chapter Terry Childs of Nature’s Way Landscaping.

Car Medic selected John Graves Simcoe Public School to receive $10,000 worth of plants from Sheridan Nurseries and $10,000 worth of rubber products from an Ontario Tire Stewardship company.

Members of the Upper Canada Chapter have stepped in to support the build this August. The design and specifications have been contributed by Nature’s Way Landscaping. The school will receive a functional outdoor classroom with limestone seating, donated by Jackson Quarries, to replace the two tractor tires that currently adorn this school yard.

Any members interested in participating in this project should get in touch with Terry Childs at