July 15, 2019
Myscha StaffordYour Landscape Ontario Membership Services team are taking the Green for Life brand to heart by making a shift to paperless invoicing. Each year we send out two membership renewal invoices to over 2,000 companies by hand. This involves a lot of printing, folding, envelope stuffing and mailing. This year, you will receive your LO membership renewal invoice via a secure email. We hope this change will allow for invoicing to go smoother. Each year, we are challenged with making sure member companies receive their invoices, which was especially true with last year’s postal strike. Many companies also require additional copies be sent to their accountant or to have an additional record on file. Now, you will be able to easily access your invoice through your email or forward it to the appropriate person in your organization.

To help this process go smoothly, we need your help. We must have the correct contact information on file for your company. This will ensure your invoice goes to the right place. It also means your company information will be correct on the landscapeontario.com website where potential clients can seek you out. Please send us your latest company information including:
  • Mailing address
  • Staff contact receiving emails from us
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

This is a huge enough job on its own, but we also want to take the opportunity to update your full-time employee list as well. This way, we can ensure all your staff are getting information on upcoming events and educational offerings, rather than just the office administrator in your company.

Once you receive your invoice, we encourage you to use our secure online payment system to pay your membership dues. Or you can call us with credit card in hand. These electronic payment options are faster, reduce paper and are the quickest way to ensure you don’t lose access to any of the many benefits that come with LO membership.

The membership department has also reduced its amount of paper usage by switching to an online system to process and manage all new member applications. Previously, we would print the application, along with the tracking sheet for the approval process, plus the references letters provided, and any supporting documents. Now, we are tracking applications online and can easily access the information when new member applicants inquire about the status of their application. We are also asking new members to submit applications via email using the fillable PDF document on HortTrades.com.

We are also exploring different options for membership certificates. Do you use your certificate? Is it displayed in your office? We are considering implementing a multi-year membership certificate. Rather than receive a new certificate each year, members would get a seal (a very fancy seal) with the current year to add to their existing certificate. Or, what if you received your certificate and membership number (something else new for 2019) via email and had the option of printing it or saving the number in your phone to easily access member discounts? We would appreciate your input on these ideas as we work to improve your membership services.

As membership renewals approach, we invite you to get in touch with us should you have any questions about the many ways in which LO can help your business. Your membership team would be happy to assist.
Myscha Stafford
LO Membership and Chapter Coordinator