October 15, 2015
By Rachel Cerelli
LO Membership and Chapter Coordinator

Myscha StaffordThis summer, the membership team took a few road trips across the province to connect with members at their suppliers. If you read Denis Flanagan’s article in the September issue, you will know about member appreciation days.

We spoke with a number of members about what LO can do to help them get ready for winter. One of the first things to do is get in touch with our endorsed supplier, Marsh Canada, to discuss snow and ice insurance. LO members may take advantage of insurance that has been reviewed and negotiated by many members with extensive industry experience. Visit hortprotect.com for more information.

You should all be aware of the member benefit that provides access to a 24/7 member hotline for legal advice (advice only). Contact membership@landscapeontario.com for more information, or refer to your member renewal package.

Many we spoke to asked how their membership sets them apart from their competitors. One way is make sure your member profile is up to date, so you can be found by consumers who Google ‘Landscaping in Ontario,’ which you all know they do. Go to horttrades.com/memberprofile.

The LO website allows homeowners to make an educated decision when hiring a landscape contractor.  Go to landscapeontario.com/selecting-a-landscape-contractor for the online form (there is a downloadable PDF at the bottom), or you can order the pamphlets to hand out with the forms available at horttrades.com/lo-promotional-materials.

Don’t forget to use the Landscape Ontario logo on your website, drawings, contracts, vehicles, etc. Promote your involvement in LO and provide leverage above the competitor that is not a member. Tell the world you are a professional member of LO. Go to horttrades.com/green-for-life.

All employees of member companies are automatically members of LO. This entitles each of them to access savings on seminars, certification, and conferences, not to mention access to Chapter meetings and events.  Have your staff stay in the know and submit their email address to angela@landscapeontario.com.

For more information on membership and the associated benefits, contact one of the staff from our membership team: Rachel Cerelli, Membership and Chapter Coordinator, rachel@landscapeontario.com; Cassandra Weisner, Administrative Assistant and Project Coordinator, cassandra@landscapeontario.com; Myscha Burton, Event Coordinator, myscha@landscapeontario.com; or Denis Flanagan, Director of Public Relations, denis@landscapeontario.com.