January 15, 2013
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) says part of its ongoing transformation is the modernization of its appeals program, “to ensure timely, fair and transparent resolutions.”

The Board says the new appeals process will resolve worker and employer objections faster, supporting better return-to-work and recovery outcomes. Another change is that WSIB front-line decision makers will provide fuller explanations for their decisions.

If the WSIB makes a decision you do not agree with, your first step should be to discuss the issue with the person who made the decision. “By communicating constructively with the decision maker, you can often resolve a dispute early, without going through the substantial time and effort of a formal appeal,” says the WSIB.

If you wish to object to a decision made by the WSIB, you must provide a written explanation of your objection in order to seek resolution.

The WSIB dispute resolutions range from informal and timely approaches for quick resolution of simple issues, to more in-depth and formal approaches for more complex issues. Options will be explained by the WSIB decision maker.

In the case of a return to work dispute, you can ask the adjudicator to arrange for a mediator. If this does not result in a satisfactory resolution, then a formal appeal may be launched.

Workers or employers who do not agree with a decision rendered by a WSIB decision-maker can object to that decision. When the WSIB receives an objection, it issues a participant form to the non-objecting party. For example, if the worker is objecting to a decision, the employer will be notified of the objection and receive an Employer Participant Form.

For further information on WSIB disputes, call 1-800-387-0773.