November 15, 2014
Small Business Safety Made Easy.
Small Business Safety Made Easy.
Successful business owners want to keep their people healthy and safe. It protects their business, improves productivity, and reduces risk of loss and disruption.

To help in this process, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) is launching new resources at no cost. Just a click away, these resources can help busy people who are short on time become compliant and integrate health and safety into their daily business practices in the easiest way possible.

“Providing fast access to easy to use resources was a top priority,” says John Aird, Manager, Industry and Partner Relations for WSPS. “Time is a luxury. Small business owners and managers are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities, including regulatory compliance and risk management. Since a single injury can have a devastating effect on a small business and the people who work there, knowing how to protect your people can make all the difference.”

These new resources were developed with input from business owners in many different sectors who understand that health and safety is important and good for business. The result: practical information and solutions that recognize the unique requirements of different industries.

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