July 3, 2020
In 2020, Landscape Ontario members sprang into action to create a Covid-19 Task Force. Its goal: to filter relevant information to business owners and provide support and resources to employers, employees and their families in an unprecedented time of crisis.

The outstanding work, dedication and expertise of the volunteer task force members elevated the Landscape Ontario community to a new level of sharing, caring and relevance.

Now, more than ever, it is important to remain a part of the vibrant LO community. A unified voice helped government to allow landscape and horticulture businesses to be among the first to reopen after the shutdown. Together, we proved how essential the landscape and horticulture profession is to all members of society — and how we improve the lives of clients, communities and the country in many positive ways.

As you move forward through this pandemic, you are not, and will not, be alone. Thank you to the many members who have provided support, resources, and encouragement to others — you make us all very proud!

Together we are one. Together we are Landscape Ontario!

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