September 5, 2018
Algonquin College co-op students available for January 2019
Algonquin College co-op students are eager to put their new skills to work starting in January of 2019. If you have a short-term need, or are evaluating candidates for a future full-time hire, co-op is a great option.

We currently have students looking for co-ops in the following programs:
  • Computer Programmer, Computer Systems Technician, Computer Engineering Technology - Computing Science
  • Internet Applications and Web Development
  • Interactive Media Design
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Commerce
Posting a co-op opportunity is easy, simply reply to this email with a job description, OR fill out our online form. Most businesses who hire a co-op student qualify for a tax credit worth up to $3,000 and other funding incentives worth up to $7,000. 

Posting your job now for a Winter 2019 work-term is a great way to ensure you have access to our largest talent pool.

Contact us at any time at: