January 1, 2016
Geranium Brocade Cherry Night
Geranium Brocade Cherry Night

All America Selections announces 2016 winners

This November nine new plants that have been trialed by horticulture experts throughout North America were deemed worthy of the All-America Selections brand. The following new plants were trialed during the 2015 growing season and exhibited outstanding garden performance:
  • Geranium Brocade Cherry Night (National)
  • Geranium Brocade Fire (National)
  • Pepper Cornito Giallo F1 (National)
  • Pepper Escamillo F1 (National)
  • Pumpkin Super Moon F1 (Regional: Southeast and Great Lakes)
  • Salvia Summer Jewel Lavender (Regional: Southeast, Heartland, Great Lakes)
  • Strawberry Delizz F1 (National)
  • Tomato Candyland Red (National)
  • Tomato Chef’s Choice Green F1 (National)

All-America Selections was founded in 1932 and continues as the oldest independent testing organization in North America.