August 15, 2014
The LO board of directors has approved a program that offers members unlimited calls for legal advice seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to midnight local time.

“We (LO board) were approached by an insurance company offering legal insurance. Members will receive general advice on any legal question pertaining to business operations,” say LO executive director Tony DiGiovanni. “The best part is the cost. The service is $20 per member, annually.”

In order for Landscape Ontario to qualify for the program, all members needed to participate. “This year your dues will not go up, even though members will notice an extra $20 tagged on, “said DiGiovanni. “The $20 will be added as a separate line item at the bottom of the invoice. It will be titled ‘Legal Advice Program.”

The executive director reflected how the proposal seemed too good to be true. “It was reviewed by our insurance committee, board of directors and our lawyer Robert Kennaley. All were impressed. We have decided to try it out. This fee may be removed in the future, depending on the success of the program,” concluded DiGiovanni.

Any members with questions or concerns about the program may contact DiGiovanni at