September 2, 2014
Fall colours part 1
Fall colours — Part 1

It is September — so we are moving into fall colour. The Ontario countryside in the fall is a spectacularly colourful landscape that we all admire and enjoy. Many of us make special trips to view the brilliant colours of Maples and waysides adorned with Goldenrod and Asters. But where is the colour in our own garden?
In planning our gardens, we very logically begin at the beginning. Spring flowering bulbs are followed by the early flowering shrubs such as Flowering Almond, Japanese Cherries and others. We realize that these flower only for a short time and look for other shrubs and trees for continuing colour throughout the summer: Deutzia, Mockorgange, Weigela and of course, Roses.
Soon, our garden space is fully planted and only in September do we realize that we have neglected to include the late flowering shrubs and those with brilliant fall foliage.

Here is a list of trees and shrubs that we think will bring amazing colour to your garden:
Trees for Fall Colour    
Sugar Maple, Acer saccharum orange and red
Red Maple, Acer rubrum   red
Other Maples   yellow, orange and red
Red Oak, Quercus rubra   red
Pin Oak, Q. palustris   red
Katsura, Cercidiphylum   orange-red
Ash, Fraxinus   mainly yellow
Mountain Ash, Sorbus   orange, red, yellow
Ginkgo, Ginkgo bilobam   yellow
Larch, Larix     yellow
Dawn Redwood, Metasequoia golden
Shrubs for Fall Colour    
Wayfaring Tree, Viburnum lantana purple/bronze
Arrowwood, V. dentatum   orange/red
Serviceberry, Amelanchier yellow/orange
Smoketree, Cotinus   purple/red
Sumac, Rhus   orange/red
Blueberry, Vaccinium   orange
Dogwood, Cornus   reds and orange
Spindle tree, E. europaea   red
Amur Maple, Acer ginnala red
Hedge Maple, A. campestris yellow