May 20, 2021
During World War Two, people planted Victory Gardens. During 2020, people planted Covid Gardens! Not surprisingly - Food Gardening has become the fastest growing sector in horticulture. Growing edible plants was a pretty big trend in its own right over the last few years, but when grocery shelves were suddenly empty, we all turned to the idea of producing our own food. Growing something you can eat is as easy as picking up a pot of herbs or leafy greens at the supermarket. Balcony gardeners can use trellis, pots and boxes to grow tomatoes, peppers and basil. Rooftop gardens can flourish with lettuce. Creating your own kitchen garden is a satisfying endeavour – from planting to harvest. And knowing where your food comes from is important. So don’t be intimidated – visit your local garden centre or seed store and grow something to eat!

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