May 15, 2014
Former Landscape Ontario president Tom Intven of Canadale Nurseries in St. Thomas, was featured in the London Free Press.

The article begins, “Starting from humble roots, Canadale Nurseries in St. Thomas has become a destination for avid gardeners in the region. The place is bustling this day, hosting the 7th annual Spring Garden show, as the green thumb gang comes out of hibernation after a long, cold weather.”

The write-up continues, “Canadale president Tom Intven has just come off a term as head of Landscape Ontario, the leading industry association in the province. Canadale has grown to be a thriving garden centre, with a big wholesale business in shrubs and trees.”

Intven discusses how the industry needs to learn to sell to a younger generation. “The big challenge for our industry is relevance. The baby boomers were taught how to garden by their parents, they have a connection to the soil. Five years from now our challenge (is) to get Gen X and Gen Y into gardening,” Intven said.

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