June 15, 2013
Editor’s note: The following is a letter of thanks from the the 2011 and 2012 winner of John and Ruth Wright Scholarship.

Dear John and Ruth Wright, and members of the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation,

I am writing to thank you for selecting me for your generous scholarship. It is a great honour to be selected as a recipient of your scholarship.

With your assistance, you have lightened the financial burden of being a graduate student, allowing me to focus more on my research and education. Receiving this award for the second year in a row has allowed me to cut back on my teaching assistant hours for next semester. This reduction in teaching hours will allow me to focus on completing my manuscripts for publication and my dissertation. I will also be able to attend two conferences, which are an important part of learning and relaying information that I have gathered with my research. Meeting and talking with people who will be assisted by my research is stimulating and renews my love of turfgrass and horticultural science.

The generosity of this scholarship is inspiring and makes me proud to be the recipient for this year.

I hope in the future that I will be able to give back to the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation and will always remember your kindness and generosity in the future.
Kathleen Dodson, MSc