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Bulk aggregate calculator

Length of area (feet):
Width of area (feet):
Desired depth (inches):
Required material:

The number of plants required for a given space
Spacing10 sq. ft.15 sq. ft.25 sq. ft.50 sq. ft.100 sq. ft.
5" x 6"4872120240480
5" x 8"365490180360
6" x 6"4060100200400
6" x 7"345186171343
6" x 8"304575150300
7" x 8"263965130260
8" x 8"233457113225
8" x 9"203050100200

Seed coverage
1 (one) lb. of bluegrass will cover667 sq. ft.
1 (one) lb. of common mixed seed
(40% Kentucky bluegrass, 40% creeping red fescue,
20% perennial ryegrass) will cover
200 sq. ft.
1 (one) lb. of perennial rye will cover143 sq. ft.
1 (one) lb. of Chewings fescue will cover286 sq. ft.
1 (one) lb. of Colonial bent will cover2000 sq. ft.
1 (one) lb. of creeping bent will cover2000 sq. ft.

Ground covers (100 plants per flat)
Spaced 4" apart will cover11 sq. ft.
Spaced 6" apart will cover25 sq. ft.
Spaced 8" apart will cover44 sq. ft.
Spaced 10" apart will cover70 sq. ft.
Spaced 12" apart will cover100 sq. ft.
Spaced 15" apart will cover156 sq. ft.
Spaced 18" apart will cover225 sq. ft.
Spaced 24" apart will cover400 sq. ft.
Spacing is figured centre to centre.

Water conversion table
Gallons per minuteCubic feet per minuteGallons per hourGallons per 24 hr.Acre ft. per 24 hr.

All above numbers for the water conversion chart are based on standard industry U.S. gallon calculations. The following conversion factors can be used if necessary:
1 U.S. gal.= .833 Imperial gal.
1 Imperial gal. = 1.201 U.S. gal.
1 U.S. gal. = 3.785 litres
1 litre = .264 U.S. gal.