April 17, 2019
The Canadian governments's Pest Management Regulatory Agencey (PMRA) has completed the pollinator assessment of Thiamethoxam (RVD2019-04). 

This evaluation assessed the potential risk to pollinators as a result of agricultural and ornamental uses of this insecticide. Ornamental producers will know this product as Flagship (PCP#30723).
The current re-evaluation has not significantly changed the original assessment published as PRVD2017-24.

As a result, 24 months from this publication, ornamental uses are expected to be cancelled with the exception of applications on ornamental crops that will not result in pollinator exposure (e.g. conifers and grasses).  

Industry groups working on behalf of growers have obtained an additional year of use to help the industry find alternative solutions for hard to control pests, such as root weevils and brown marmorated stink bug. For these uses, ornamental producers will have 36 months of use while we look for and secure alternatives.

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