May 19, 2023
Kurt W. Dramm
Kurt W. Dramm
Kurt W. Dramm, a born salesman and friend to all in the horticulture industry, passed away May 16 at the age of 85. Kurt was born and raised in Manitowoc, WI. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a double major in business and horticulture.

After graduating college, Kurt worked for the Vaughan Seed Company with a sales territory covering the Southeastern United States.  

In 1968 he and his brother, John Peter, formed the Dramm Company to produce garden and greenhouse watering products. Their mother, Perdita, had maintained the business out of her basement while working as a librarian. John Peter unexpectedly passed away in 1978.   

Kurt was known for saying, “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” Kurt’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for providing quality products grew the Dramm company.

During Kurt’s 45 years of ownership, The Dramm Corporation grew to a thriving four-segment business: Commercial Greenhouse Equipment, Retail Gardening Products, Drammatic® Organic Fertilizer, and DRAMMwater for greenhouse water treatment systems.   

Under Kurt’s leadership, the Dramm family-owned business has entered its third generation. Kurt leaves behind a legacy his father started, providing quality products and solutions to customers.

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