October 15, 2017
LO Growers Awards of Excellence winners 2017
Growers Group chair John Mantel (left) presents Sheridan Nureries’ Rob Naraj with a certificate for their winning entry.
Congratulations to the following Landscape Ontario members who share the honour of producing the best nursery stock in Ontario as judged by a panel of experts at this year’s Industry Auction at BTN on Sept. 16.
Category Winner For
1: Evergreens – Field Grown, Upright and Spreading Sheridan Nurseries Picea glauca
2: Evergreens – Container Grown, Upright and Spreading Willowbrook Nurseries Assorted
3: Broadleaf Evergreens NVK Holdings Assorted
4: Deciduous shrubs Canadale Nurseries Assorted
5: Deciduous Ornamental Trees, 300 cm or Less Willowbrook Nurseries Betula jacquemontii clump
6: Deciduous Ornamental Trees, Top Grafted/Worked NVK Holdings Ginkgo biloba ‘Troll’
7: Caliper Trees Willowbrook Nurseries Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’
8: Vines and Groundcover Willowbrook Nurseries Assorted
9: Perennials Millgrove Perennials Assorted
10: Unusual and Rare Plants Sheridan Nurseries Assorted Juniperus
11: Design on a Skid Willowbrook Nurseries Assorted plant material
12: Judges Choice NVK Holdings Ginkgo biloba ‘Troll’
Winners from the Garden Centre program and the Construction, Maintenance and Design program will be announced during special ceremonies in conjunction with Congress ’18, January 9-11, 2018 at the Toronto Congress Centre.