November 2008

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What does a smart car have to do with LO?

By Denis Flanagan and Lee Ann Knudsen
Public promotion initiative

LO member over the edge

AJL Janssen Landscaping of Bracebridge takes pride in being a bit over the edge.

LO supports Niagara high school training partnership

The name Landscape Ontario was front and centre when the Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) and Niagara Catholic District School Board officially announced the Niagara GROWS Educational Partnership on September 26.

Warning offered on freight scam

An LO member is warning other companies who may receive a request to ship products overseas.

Growers Auction raises over $24,000

Skids of plant material and products raised over $24,000 at the annual LO Growers Auction on September 25, at Mori Nurseries in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

2008 Growers Awards of Excellence winners

Congratulations to all of the winners

Garden Expo showcases the industry’s best

Garden and Florist Expo 2008 kicked it up a notch (or two) as it continues to showcase the best of the garden and floral industries.

Turfgrass symposium to examine challenges

The theme of the 18th annual Ontario Turfgrass Symposium is ‘The Challenge of Green.’

Great deal on Canada Blooms tickets for LO members

Tickets for Canada Blooms 2009 are being offered at a greatly reduced rate to Landscape Ontario members.

Windsor scholarship donation

The Windsor Chapter presented a cheque, reflecting half the proceeds from Winter Blooms 2008, to St. Clair College and the Lex Kraft Scholarship.

Helping their community

Nutri-Lawn Kitchener prides itself on thinking outside the box.

High school students test skills at LO

The LO site in Milton played host to two Certified Horticultural Technician (CHT) evaluations in October.

Members proudly displaying the LO logo

This month the following members were observed proudly displaying the LO logo through advertisements, posted on their vehicles or on their website.

Expanded gardens

The trial gardens sponsored by Grounds Management Commodity Group at the Landscape Ontario’s offices in Milton will double in size for 2009.

Journey nearly complete to achieve Red Seal

The long road to achieve Red Seal status for the landscape industry was greatly shortened in late October with the approval by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA).