December 2019

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Landscape wish list for 2020: Pollinator success

By Pat Kerr
Pros can make a real difference, plus satisfy client desires to help reverse declining populations

Congress opens doors

By Scott Barber
Congress welcomes young people to great careers.

Sustainability makes sales

By Sean James
Eco-friendly landscaping is not as simple and straightforward as traditional hort, and requires more training and understanding of how and why it needs to be done this way.

How other trades recruit: New ideas on new talent

By Jordan Whitehouse
Domestic recruitment efforts have to be focused on two groups in particular: young people and the underrepresented, including women and minorities.

Independence: Four years on

By Indira Kannan
Kevin McAulay and Dave Milburn, two contractors who launched on their own four years ago with their employers’ blessing.

Lessons learned

By Scott Barber
Industry pros shared some of the lessons they've learned.

Green professional gamechanger: Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide

The Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide captures years of research from around the world on tree survival and establishment in challenging environments.

Never forget nature

By Jim Landry
Gardens are integral to villages for dementia patients.

Atlantic designers tour Normandy

By Ellen Ruddick
The Atlantic Association of Landscape Designers (AALD) visited gardens in Normandy, France and discovered trees and shrubs that might be worth trying.

Sustainable turf is good business

By Katerina Jordan, Ph.D.
Ideas for more sustainable lawncare programs, that hopefully lead to healthier turf over a long period of time.

Tumber designs big and dreams big

Randy Tumber has earned a reputation for designing and building high-end, stylish landscapes for elite customers and he has some strong opinions about why.