November 3, 2020
Landscape Ontario members who have renewed their 2020-2021 member dues have access to many financial discounts via the Member Savings Programs administered through the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA).

CNLA leverages the collective buying power of members across all provinces to negotiate a variety of discounts and services that are customized to the needs of members of the landscape profession. The Member Savings Program offers discounts on new vehicles and equipment, business services, industry training, travel accommodations, and customized financial services specific to the profession. Members also enjoy access to a free, 24-hour legal advice hotline.

A committee made up of representatives from each provincial association works to find and negotiate the best deals on behalf of members across the country. All programs must follow a win-win-win philosophy: a win first and foremost for the member in regards to financial savings, a win for the association, and a win for the supplier.

Over 450 members saved an average of $10,500 each using just one of the many Member Savings Programs.

“Through the hard work and dedication of the committee, CNLA is pleased to offer the savings and customized programs to all members of provincial trade associations, which of course, includes all members of Landscape Ontario,” says Teagan Giddings, Member Services and Communications Coordinator, CNLA.

Through the first half of 2020, over 450 Landscape Ontario members used their membership status to save a combined $4.75 million dollars on new vehicles — an average savings of just over $10,500 each.

Over the past two years, CNLA has introduced savings with Volkswagen, Wacker Neuson, LMN and Travelodge. This year, a rebate program with Staples was introduced.

Members can access the current details for all of the Member Savings Programs via Questions can be directed to CNLA at or by calling 1-888-446-3499.

LO member dues can be paid online at or by reaching the Membership Services Department via 1-800-265-5656.