October 1, 2016

New annuals for 2017

Angelonia angustifolia

‘Cherry Red’ summer snapdragon

The first red summer snapdragon, ‘Cherry Red’ is best known for its large-size blooms and bold colour. It thrives in extreme heat, humidity and drought. Its uniform habit and flowering time makes it easy for high-density production. This well-branched plant ships with less breakage, tangling and shrinkage. Works well in the ground or as an upright component to mixed containers. Grows 30-36 cm tall by 25-30 cm wide.
Ball FloraPlant


Impatiens hybrida

‘Bright Coral’ impatiens

The Bounce series of impatiens are not susceptible to downy mildew, yet they offer a high flower count and spreading habit that gives them the look of classic impatiens. Bounce thrives in both sun and shade gardens, but yields its best colour in shade. Plants “bounce back” from wilt when watered without dropping flowers and are available in several colours for baskets and containers. Grows to 36-51 cm in height and width.
Selecta One, Ball Horticulture


Canna x generalis

‘Orange Shades’ canna lily

Cannova is the first seed, F1 canna series that offers an easy-to-grow option in this heat-tolerant class. The newest colours for 2017 include ‘Orange Shades,’ which works great as a stand-alone or as a component to blend in mixes. Cannova is versatile — works well in the landscape or as a thriller component in large municipal containers. Grows to 76-122 cm in height and 36-51 cm in width.
Ball Ingenuity


Petunia hybrida

‘Balcushlu’ petunia

A new vegetative petunia series with big-time vigour and even bigger landscape performance. The ColourRush series provides mounds of colour for municipal containers. It holds up in the heat and bounces back from rain like a champ. Ideal for landscape applications, balconies and large baskets and is available in blue and pink. Hardy to Zone 9. Grows to 25-30 cm with a spread of 61-91 cm.
Ball FloraPlant


Plectranthus scutellarioides

‘French Quarter’ coleus

‘French Quarter’ is versatile and has a stunning colour pattern for full sun to full shade. Its late to never flowering habit makes it a low-maintenance option. The high-impact plants are perfect for large containers or as a back-border foliage plant in the landscape. Its pink colouring adds depth and texture to your landscape designs.
Ball FloraPlant


Interspecific begonia

‘Megawatt Rose’ begonia

A super-uniform begonia with striking, non-stop flowers, which keep plants covered in huge colour all through the summer. Its sturdy stems hold flowers above the foliage for superior show, and it also performs well in heat and drought, with no deadheading needed. Available with green or bronze leaves. Grows to 51-71 cm in height with a 41-61 cm spread.
PanAmerican Seed, Ball Horticulture


Pelargonium x hortorum

‘Cerise Sizzle’ geranium

‘Cerise Sizzle’ is the newest member of the Dümmen Orange Zonal Geranium group which features dark foliage, medium vigour, and the best zonal heat tolerance on the market. Vibrant blooms atop well-branched geranium foliage make this an eye-popping display perfect for high-traffic areas, window boxes, or patio containers. Savannah series zonal geraniums are a robust, versatile classic.
Dümmen Orange


Artemisia stelleriana

‘Quicksilver’ dusty miller

Ideal for low water combinations and landscapes, the lacy texture and cool silver foliage of ‘Quicksilver’ goes well with everything. With a not-too-tall height and a spread just over two feet, its foliage will artfully weave its way through combinations, playing well with other medium vigour plants. In landscapes, it is useful as a low maintenance spreader to fill in sunny spaces. Use it to contrast with hot pinks and oranges or to create a cool look for hot spaces when paired with white flowers. Grows 15-25 cm tall and 30-76 cm wide.
Proven Winners


Angelonia hybrid

‘Perfectly Pink’ summer snapdragon

Replacing Angelface ‘Pink’ this year, ‘Perfectly Pink’ provides larger and more plentiful flowers as well as increased vigour. Angelface varieties make excellent vertical accents in containers and landscapes with their showy spikes of colourful blooms. They thrive in hot, humid conditions, but can handle low water conditions, and bloom all season without deadheading. Grows 46-76 cm tall and 30-46 cm wide.
Proven Winners



‘Neon Red’ New Guinea impatiens

SunStanding New Guinea impatiens are a brand new introduction from Dümmen Orange for 2017. Sporting bright flowers over glossy green and bronze foliage, these New Guineas are both striking and sturdy, thriving in most landscape conditions. Uniquely sun loving, the SunStanding series is naturally compact, with great flower-power at planting and throughout the season.
Dümmen Orange


Ipomoea batatas

Sweet Caroline Sweetheart ‘Jet Black’ sweet potato vine

Replacing Sweetheart ‘Purple’ this year is a much deeper purple selection that retains its super saturated colouration even in full sun and hot climates. ‘Jet Black’ is well-matched to Sweetheart ‘Lime’ in leaf size and overall plant size, making it an easy substitute in dramatic combinations where only black will do. Versatile, this sweet potato goes well in baskets, containers or landscapes. Grows 20-30 cm tall and 51-91 cm wide.
Proven Winners


Canna x generalis ‘Toucan Red’

‘Toucan Red’ canna lily

These new cannas are fast, vigourous, highly disease resistant and easy to grow. They are ideal for warm climates where they flower like crazy in the heat. ‘Toucan Red’ bears deep red-orange flowers and has lush green foliage. Grows 76-122 cm tall and 46-61 cm wide.
Proven Winners



TopSpin ‘Pink’ begonias

The TopSpin begonia line has great branching and vigour. One of the earliest and most uniform green leaf series, TopSpin begonias are ideal for hanging baskets and pots.



‘Purple’ gomphrena

The Ping Pong series of gomphrena delivers an explosion of colour in containers, mass plantings, or as cut flowers. The elegant ‘Purple’ is easy to produce, drought tolerant and requires minimal maintenance. Grows to a plant height of 40-50 cm and width of 20-25 cm.


Petunia x hybrida

‘Pink Vein’ petunia

The Success ‘Pink Vein’ is one of the earliest, most uniform trailing petunias. A floriferous garden performer, ‘Pink Vein’ is a long lasting bloomer that provides elegant colour in hanging baskets or landscape beds.


Gerbera jamesonii

‘Pink Halo’ daisy

The Majorette series of daisy offers compact plants that are loaded with buds and blooms. ‘Sunset Orange’ provides bright colour and suits quarts and larger containers with multiple plants. Grows to a plant height of 20-25 cm with a width of 25-30 cm.


Begonia semperflorens

Sprint Plus ‘Pink’ begonia

Benary’s Sprint Plus begonias have large, round flowers with strong colours and provide great vigour as young plants. One of the fastest and most uniform begonias on the market, the Sprint Plus series has a compact, round plant habit and superior basal branching.