January 12, 2018
New annuals for 2018

New annuals for 2018

Petunia x hybrida 
‘Colorblitz Glow
Blue Stardust’

Medium vigor petunia that blossoms
into lush, bi-colour, flower-filled plants.
Grows to 20-25 cm tall and 41-56 cm wide. 

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘Ivory Wind’

Tropical hibiscus featuring a dark pink eye and yellow buds, which open into creamy white 4.75-in. blooms.
Aris Horticulture

Alternanthera brasiliana
‘Purple Prince’ 
Brasilian joyweed 

The first compact seed joyweed, Purple Prince has ruby-rose undersides  and stands tough in heat and 
humidity. Grows 25-41 cm tall and 46-51 cm wide. 
PanAmerican Seed

Pentas lanceolata ‘Lucky Star’

The Lucky Star series of pentas features vibrantly colored blooms on lush, full-looking plants.
Common Name: Egyptian Starcluster, Starflower. The Lucky Star series are bred for the fastest follow-up blooming of any pentas on the market, according to PanAmerican Seed. Available in dark red, pink, deep pink, lavender, violet and white. Grows 30-41 cm tall and 30-36 cm wide. PanAmerican Seed 

Begonia interspecific  
‘Megawatt Red Bronze Leaf’

Red Bronze Leaf joins the large, easy to grow Megawatt lineup for 2018. Grows 51-71 cm tall and 41-61 cm wide. PanAmerican Seed

Pennisetum glaucum 
‘Copper Prince’ 
Ornamental millet

Copper Prince begins as a light caramel colour, deepening to copper as it sends up rosy, foxtail-type panicles. Grows 71-91 cm tall and 46-61 cm wide. PanAmerican Seed

Antirrhinum majus  
‘Snapshot Appleblossom’
Dwarf garden snapdragon

Appleblossom is a clean white colour brushed with soft yellow
and rose tones. The habit and timing match the other bicolours
in the series Snapshot series of drawf garden snapdragon.
Grows 15-25 cm tall and 25-30 cm wide.
PanAmerican Seed

Osteospermum ecklonis 
‘Akila Grand Canyon Mixture’
African daisy

Grand Canyon Mix is the first multicolour segregating African daisy mix that includes yellow, magician-style blooms and rose-reds, as well as purple, lavender, creams and whites. Grows 41-51 cm tall and 41-51 cm wide.
PanAmerican Seed

Zinnia marylandica  
‘Zahara Raspberry Ripple’

Raspberry Ripple is a new bicolour in the Zahara series of zinnia;
its colour can vary under different environmental conditions,
with cooler temperatures accentuating the rose and heat
making the white more prevalent. Grows 41-51 cm tall and wide.
PanAmerican Seed

Viola x wittrockiana
‘Cool Wave Raspberry’
Spreading pansy

For 2018, Cool Wave adds Raspberry, a rich, velvety rosy-purple spreading pansy with white around its flower centre. Grows 15-20 cm high and 61-76 cm wide. PanAmerican Seed

Phlox ‘Gisele Hot Pink’ 

Large flower clusters make a great presentation and fill landscapes with tons of color. The Gisele series also includes pink, light pink, light violet and white.
Selecta One

Dahlia hybrid Dalaya Yellow

The Dalaya series are medium-vigor beauties with excellent branching, exceptional habit and superior mildew resistance.
Selecta One

Petunia cultivars
‘Headliner Pink Sky’

The Headliner series of mounded petunia
boasts early flowering and a fast finish
with a dramatic colour range. 
The new Pink Sky blooms are primarily
pink/rose with speckles of white/cream.
Grows 25-41 cm tall and 51-76 cm wide. 
Selecta One

Calibrachoa Neo Pink Strike
Mini petunia

The large, early flowers of the MiniFamous Neo series offer a semi-trailing habit and medium vigour for basket or mixed displays. New Pink Strike brings an extra-large, punch-type eye to the series.
Selecta One

Osteospermum ecklonis 
‘Daisy Falls’ Cape Daisy

Daisy Falls is a breakthrough series that grows
and blooms as a traditional osteo on a
more vigorous trailing frame.
Available in Pink, Purple, and White Amethyst.
Selecta One

Calendula hybrida 
‘Lady Godiva Orange’
English marigold

Its unique double, golden orange flowers have
greatly reduced seed set which encourages
blooming throughout the season.
Proven Winners

Impatiens x hybrida 
‘SunPatiens Compact Purple’

Purple joins the Sunpatiens line, which is
known for disease resistance, vibrant colour
and easy garden success.

Petunia x hybrida
‘Success Yellow Chiffon’

New to the Success petunia series,
Yellow Chiffon features light 
yellow blooms that don’t relax or fade.

Salvia farinacea 
‘Farina Arctic Blue’

The Salvia Farina series have huge full flower spikes,
which grow to 18-in. tall and hold their colour
all season. Available in Arctic Blue, Bicolour Blue,
Blue, Silver Blue, Violet, and White.

Plectranthus scutellarioides 
‘Main Street Ruby Road’

New to the Main Street coleus series,
Ruby Road features a vibrant mix of hot pink,
burgundy and chartreuse. The Main Street series
also added La Rambla for 2018.
Dummen Orange