January 12, 2018
New edibles for 2018

New edibles for 2018


Fragaria ‘Berries Galore Pink’ Strawberry

An everbearing variety with hot pink flowers that continues to produce berries all summer long. A very compact and bushy plant perfect for planters or hanging baskets.
Hardiness: 5. Willowbrook Nurseries




Capsicum annuum ‘Midnight Fire’

The distinctive dark-black foliage of Midnight Fire is accented by purple ornamental fruit, which matures to bright red. Grows 23-30 cm tall and 36-41 cm wide.
PanAmerican Seed




Cyanococcus Bushel and Berry Jelly Bean Blueberry

Large, flavorful blueberries arrive mid-summer and the foliage has unique, stretched out green leaves with streaks of red in cooler climates.
Hardiness: 4. Willowbrook Nurseries




Rubus x hybrida ‘PolarBerry’ Blackberry

Thornless blackberry with white berries and an upright habit. Grows to 120-160 cm tall and wide.
Hardiness: 5. Valleybrook - BC. Nours




Pyrus communis ‘Cold Snap’ Pear

Crisp, juicy, and flavourful, Cold Snap pears are exclusively grown and distributed in Canada, with a higher resistance to disease and a longer storage life than other pears. Grows 10 feet tall with a 20 foot spread.
Hardiness: 5. J.C. Bakker