September 7, 2021
New irrigation system passes the test
The Water Smart Irrigation Professional (WSIP) training and certification program held a validation for six Landscape Ontario member companies on July 28. It was the first validation held using the newly-installed irrigation system at the LO site in Milton, Ont.

The 10 participants completed a written exam for the in-class portion of the training in April 2021.

Thank you to judges Steve Hernandez (Groundhog Landscaping) and Cam Hansuld (Nutri-Lawn Mississauga), as well as representative Justin Comacchio from Peel Region for volunteering their time to help with the WSIP validation.

Open to landscape professionals across Ontario, the WSIP program provides contractors with the tools and knowledge to promote water-efficient irrigation practices to clients via the latest technology and by conducting irrigation audits. The program is run in partnership with Peel Region and York Region.

For more information on how the program can benefit your business and clients, or to apply for the next round of training, email, call 1-800-265-5656 ext. 2397 or visit