July 4, 2017
Promotional Material
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Promotional materials for members only

  LO's professionally-produced material helps your business in two ways,
as valuable reference material and effective promotion to consumers.
To order any of the items listed below, click the link below to download an order form.

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 Don't Let Your Guard Down bumper stickers
 Available in one size (8 x 2.5") in English and Spanish
 Up to 10 stickers FREE; contact Meghan Greaves: mgreaves@landscapeontario.com or call 1-800-265-5656 x2301

 Bundles of 100 $32.25 ea
 Use this order form to email your bulk order.

  Bumper Stickers
Available in small (10 x 3.5") and large (17 x 6.25") sizes.
Order for free online from the LO office.


Truck Decals and Window Clings
Advertise your LO membership on the outside of your vehicle or equipment or in the window of your office or vehicles. Choose from adhesive decal or static window cling. Available in "tree" or "swing" icon. Order for free online from the LO office.


  Professional Member Labels
Show off your membership on envelopes, invoices and business cards.
Order for free online from the LO office.

  Licence Plate Holders
Your customers will know you are a professional member of Landscape Ontario.
Free with membership. Order for free online from the LO office.

  Membership Plaque
Active and Associate members are recognized with membership plaques.
  $30.00 ea

  Workplace Safety Tailgate Talks
An essential tool for avoiding injuries on the job. New for 2013, the book comes in a handy size to take to work every day. It offers health and safety topics, information on personal protective equipment and more. This is a joint project between Landscape Ontario and Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.
Price per copy $20.00 ea



    Irrigation Specifications
Developed by the Irrigation Commodity Group. A great reference for contractors.
Available FREE for download

  Reference Guide for Developing Planting Details
Complete with large diagrams on how to properly plant caliper trees and evergreens.
1-9 $5.00 ea
10-50 $2.00 ea
50+ $1.50 ea

    Reference Guide for Lighting Specifications
A general specification guide for 12-volt night-lighting for contractors, owners and developers.
Available FREE for download

  Reference Guide for Selecting and Handling Plant Material
An essential resource for the proper evaluation of planting sites and selection of plant material.
1-9 $5.00 ea
10-50 $2.00 ea
50+ $1.50 ea

    Snow and Ice Maintenance Contract
This piece was developed to be fair to both the contractor and the property owner with regard to slip and fall claims, damages and the amount of work to be performed.
Available FREE for download

  What is Green for Life?
Share your excitement about GFL with your customers. This flyer explains why your customers should hire an LO member and how they can benefit from having an outstanding outdoor living space.
Bundle of 100


    Snow and Ice Equipment Charge-out Rate Cards
Standard industry charge-out rates for equipment operation. Includes snow removal and salt policy.
Pkg. of 100 $16.00


  Industry Labour Rate Cards
Standard industry charge-out rates in a card format for business or consumer use. A great reference.
Pkg. of 100 $16.00

  Irrigation Charge-out Rate Cards
Standard industry charge-out rates in a card format for irrigation business or consumer use. A great reference.
Pkg. of 100 $16.00

  Interior Landscaping
The key to a successful project is to be sure you are working with a credible, qualified contractor. This brochure educates your clients on the need for hiring a qualified interiorscape designer or consultant.
Pkg. of 100 $32.00

  Landscape and Grounds Management Contractor Rating System
Use this system to strengthen your bidding process. Includes evaluation worksheets for contractor prequalification and establishing a bidders' list. Conveniently hole punched to keep in a binder.
Pkg. of 100 $22.50

  Planting Instructions
Tips and helpful hints for consumers on how to successfully plant and care for new nursery stock.
Pkg. of 100 $10.00
Pkg. of 500 $30.00
Pkg. of 1000 $50.00


  Selecting a Landscape Contractor
Arm customers with a step-by-step questionnaire when they are looking for a professional contractor. Places importance on references, CLT designations, insurability and reputation.
Pkg. of 100 $30.00

  Selecting an Irrigation Contractor
Lists qualifications that consumers may not think about, when looking for a qualified and professional contractor. This attractive colour brochure also explains how modern irrigation systems conserve water.
Pkg. of 100 $32.00