March 15, 2016
Mark Fisher
Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher, The Escarpment Company

Q. In what ways has being a member of the Peer to Peer Network helped you as a business owner?
A. I have found the Peer to Peer network helpful in many ways. Instructors Tim Kearney and Jacki hart are second to none. They both have a passion for helping others. The enthusiasm of our instructors carries over into our meetings. The Peer to Peer group is most helpful to me as it is a community of business owners looking to constantly improve the quality of their businesses and overall quality of life.

Q. Describe your biggest ‘Aha Moment’ from one of the workshop discussions
A. On my second Peer to Peer session I realized this group was different from any of the other groups I have been in seminars with. I think the continuity of engagement —regular member meetings and active online forum discussions is something that I haven’t seen to this degree while attending seminars in almost a decade of participation.

Q. How do you feel when you work face-to-face with peers on pressing business issues?
A. Working face-to-face with peers is an unparalleled opportunity. I get to meet so many amazing people, all with their own unique business experiences, yet we share the same underlying passion.